They is here! (2019)


Over the last 8 years of living in Zurich, I’ve been really surprised by the conservative selection of movies in the Iranian film festival of Zurich, therefore last year I suggested the movie They by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh. It was a very difficult experiment in terms of sewing and stitching our queer identity to this festival. After months of negotiation and dispute finally the movie is here as part of the festival however the festival asked me to write a short description about the movie. The following text is an experimental attempt to make accessible queer identities within an inaccessible language and community.


Kamran Behrouz Iranian film festival Zurich





Farsi translation


THEY will be shown as part of the competition at the Iranian film festival of Zurich,  Kosmos (March 28 – April 03, 2019)
Saturday March 30th on 15:45 and Tuesday April 2nd 20:15


Queer Iranian film festival