A letter to China (2012)

Dear Madam / Sir

I have a short story for you, however, it’s not that much exciting.
He was Tibetan originally but he has never been there!
-“Can you please help me sewing a piece of fabric, I’m on a rush, only two weeks left to my show” He asked me on the phone.
-“Yes” I replied.
He came to my studio and left me after finishing the work, but the color of those textiles obviously reminded me of the Tibetan flag.

So afterwards, I made a costume for myself, out of left-over fabrics.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror, but it was not me anymore, it was just a reflection, and the flag was just a metaphor, in fact it is not a flag.
Photos are all narrating the story of a woman who is not even a man! A middle Eastern woman who is not from Middle East. A middle which is not even the East? Middle of which East?
Well, it seems like a family portrait, however it is obviously Not.

It’s a fake stage (my former shared flat in Limmatstrasse)
But at the same time it’s the story of a mother who is not even a father, and baby who’s not a baby, it’s a damn stuffed bear!

Suddenly I could remember, once upon a time, I was also born as a teddy bear under a forbidden flag. You can call me Mrs. Tibet, purple panda or whatever you like, however it’s NOT my name!
In fact this story is about me who’s Not myself, it’s her!

Do you remember her?
Or perhaps this story is not even a story nor the whole truth.

Anyways…Thank you for your consideration
Warm Regards


Kamran Behrouz
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  • Kamran Behrouz

Photos are taken by Maja Hürst.