PhD in Artistic Research – in Theory and Practice

Tuesday 31.03.2020
14:00 -15:00
Kamran Behrouz, Viviana Gonzalez 

Introduction to the workshop (Theory in Practice): research methods and means, own practices (in Zoom)

abstract new 03


Watch Video inputs about PhD-projects, do readings, start reflection about methods
— Please watch the video essay. Due to the pandemic which lead us to this virtual format of the workshop, this year we decided to present our research and methodology as video essays instead of discussing it during our video meeting.
This video-essay attempt to unfold the methodology and experiments of my research “cosmopolitics of the body


In addition please take a look at the slides from last year’s AR seminar at ZHDK. They are based on the publication Transposition: edited by Michael Schwab. Three essays have been selected and discussed during the workshop. I found these three different views fundamentally challenging and refreshing at the same time. However each of these essays, one way or another, proposes: Transposition as a method in artistic research.

transposition final 02


10:00 – 11:00

Kamran Behrouz, Viviana Gonzalez 

short discussion about the material seen and read the day before, reflecting on your own methodologies, card set as tool, unlearning (in Zoom)

(Un)learning place :



Reading, reflection on methods, creating ‘card’ proposal > send in your card(s)

Against Method_Paul Feyerabend



Reading and reflection on research process – (Un)learning

Please read this short article about Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak :


Kamran Behrouz, Viviana Gonzalez 
Discussion about the cards/methods experience. Feedback about their card proposals and ideas (in Zoom)

11:00 -18:00 
Developing individual research desire/concept—a potential research project.

If you want to have individual conversations with Kamran and Viviana about your work or your potential research proposal please check the doodle link(s) below.

Viviana Gonzales: Doodle link

Kamran Behrouz: Doodle Link


All members:
Preparing a short description of your potential (PhD)research project.


Presentation and discussion of the projects (in Zoom)

Further materials and information on PhD applications, Q&A, Feedback (by chat or e-mail)