365 Etudes for celebrating pleasure (2016-2017)


365 Etudes For Celebrating Pleasure” is the title of a multi-disciplinary project. It is based on one-year participatory action research (March 2016 till March 2017) which was aiming to portray the problematic aspects of the “bare life” in our modern society and trace the footsteps of our digital bodies within the capitalistic market. This project consisted of 365 daily drawings, a site specific installation, several (digital)publications, animations, writing, translations and prints. At the end, the digital publication itself turned into an ongoing process, a digital body without organs.

The location of this one year performance-research was a building, which currently houses many asylum seekers from all around the world. It remains the key site which enables me to analyze and discuss the ‘politics of location’ in my research.

As a nomadic non-binary artist in diaspora, I’m examining my own body in my research and raising questions, such as; How does “the location” affect my very own body/psyche, as a researcher/artist? How did the location itself make me become simultaneously a stranger and an artist during those 365 days?


The whole project and it’s anti-aesthetic nature alongside the designed website for selling its products, including the branding and marketing, exaggerated signatures were part of a satire to reflect on the capitalistic system that we are all trapped and commodified within it.

following illustrations are a small selection of these 365 illustrations produced during this performance research.