A conversation with Kay Sidebottom

Kay Sidebottom - kamran behrouz

Within Corpoanarchy there is a common space for rhizomatic exchange as a ‘place to breathe’. One of the conversations took place within the exhibition at Raumstation, Zurich(19 December 2018), with Kay Sidebottom. Her presentation has two parts: in the first part she unfolds her rhizomatic approach to educational practice and the use of arts as a “thing that does”. In the second half she talks about last year’s strike actions by the professors and lecturers in the UK. In this part She speaks about resistance and the emergence of arts through the lens of new-materialism and specifically the posthuman philosophy of Rosi Braidotti.

Over the last year, We (Kamran and Kay) had many conversations in order to define the notion of posthuman, which lead to many ongoing projects and a Nomadic publication. Here, Kay’s inspiring talk has been curated within this exhibition as part of this on going rhizomatic conversation.