Gauche Caviar (2021)

GaucheCaviar is a recorded motion capture performance, which was shown as part of a collective and site-specific performance hosted by the installation of Mirkan Deniz at Helvetiaplatz, Bern. Narrative of Gauche Caviar has been told by two motion capture mermaids that I designed based Legion Seven’s face and mine. “Take this hammer” has been sung by the face motion capture of Legion Seven (Mermaid I), appearing and disappearing throughout the animation. Their voice constantly fades into my altered voice (Mermaid II) which is telling a very personal story, parallel to stories of war-children, fish roe, inherited anxiety, displacement, and sturgeon; the source of caviar, one of the endangered species.

You can read the chapter “Queers, Crips, and Mermaids: Disruptive Bodies as Performative Objects” by Kamran Behrouz, below or on Research Catalogue