Creature Comforts (2023)

Creature Comforts was a spatio-temporal performance by Criptonite and The Symbionts at Tanzhaus Zurich. The whole stage transformed into the body of Gullibleus, with each performer simultaneously playing a different organ or organism in this interstellar Body. This work explored the boundaries of space and belonging generously, serving as a carefully crafted model of access. The performance was a symbiotic, momentary celebration of cringe, sheer autistic joy, and care.
The point of the show, as the narrator Tardigrade, played by Nele Solf—who also contributed as the dramaturgist of this symbiosis—puts it, was to experience “The Joy of Missing Out.”

Photos are taken by © Laura Rivas Kaufmann

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  • Edwin ramirez
  • Paloma ayala palomushroom
  • kamran behrouz creature comforts

Artistic direction and performance Nina Mühlemann, Edwin Ramirez
Performance V Pierzyński, Alessandro Schiattarella, Paloma Ayala, Kamran Behrouz, Jenn Unfug
Dramaturgy Nele Solf
Dramaturgical advisor audiodescription Noah Mundinger
Light Iris Rohr
Technical direction and video Marek Lamprecht
Sound design Susanne Affolter
Scenography Theres Indermaur
Costume Nicole Frei
Octopus Costume Kamran Behrouz 😀
Costume assistant Anna-Thea Jäger
Production Laeticia Blättler (Moin Moin Productions)
Production assistant Jenn Unfug
Outside Eye Kathrin Veser
Internship Maria Kattner
Dramaturgical advisor Tanzhaus Zürich Simon Froehling
Illustration Kamran Behrouz
Audio Description of the Video Noah Mundinger & Nina Mühlemann
…And Many heartfelt thanks to Dawuna for their kindness in graciously permitting me to use their song for Creature Comforts
Coproduction Tanzhaus Zürich
Supported byStadt Zürich, Migros Cultural Percentage, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Dr. Hedwig Stauffer Founder, Swiss Interpreters’ Foundation SIS, Anne-Marie Schindler Foundation, Cassinelli-Vogel Foundation