Cosmopolitics of the Body (2018)


As extension of my digital body, this work is part of my artistic research entitled; cosmopolitics of the body.  This work shapes part of the “textual trafficking” chapter in my research, as re-reading the cosmopolitics in the Posthuman era.

Rosi Braidotti in Nomadic Theory (2011) argues the Nomadic vision of the subject and  the location of ‘Human being’ within this “cosmic buzz of insects”. My work drawing on her concept of “becoming-imperceptible”, attempting to re-define the cosmopolitics of my own body.


“The nomadic vision of the subject as a time continuum and a collective assemblage implies a double commitment, on the one hand, to process of change and on the other, to a strong ethics of the ecosphical sense of community—of “our” being in the world together. Our copresence, that is to say, the simultaneity of our being in the world together, sets the tune for the ethics of our interaction with both human and non-human others. An ethical relation based on biocentered egalitarianism requires us to synchronize the perception and anticipation of togetherness, of our shared, common condition”

— Rosa Braidotti, Nomadic Theory: The portable Rosi Braidotti, Columbia University press, New York, 2011, (p. 210)


Kamran Behrouz