A conversation with Sima Shakhsari

Within Corpoanarchy there is a common space to host a series of events. One of the conversations took place within the exhibition at Raumstation Zurich(18 December 2018), with Sima Shakhsari

In 2016 while I was researching through the archives of Iran human rights documentation center, looking for the cases and testimonies of trans and queer refugees, as well as the rates of suicide amongst these groups, I accidentally came across Sayeh’s case, which led me directly to Sima Shakhsari‘s work and their crucial chapter: killing me softly with your rights.

In this lecture: (Queer Necropolitics), Shakhsari unfolds their ethnographical research related to queer life and death, and propose a view to rethink the notion of rights. The idea of virtual lecture came up after we realized it is not possible for Sima Shakhsari to travel to Zurich, in order to give a lecture within the exhibition space. Even though they have “legal permanent residence” status, but because of uncertainty of how the ban would affect green card holders, they afraid to leave the U.S.

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