Death Mask (2022)

Death Mask Device

Working with Legion Seven, is usually a magical experience. So, when I first read the draft of their meticulously crafted dystopian sci-fi story offered to The future of the Earth, ‘We for whom the path is clear, will choose the way we walk it,’ my excitement was enormous. I was captivated by the concept of the deathmask (the device implant) and the entire process of hacking to design one’s own death/void. I imagined the deathmask, drawing inspiration from the structure of a ladybug and the functionality of so-called robot dogs, meticulously navigating the nervous system to train the mind-body connection.
Two months later, when I received their recorded version of the story, it coincided almost perfectly with the end of my animation process. The first test run of the video and audio together and the synchronicity between the visuals and Seven’s otherworldly narration created an immersive experience of ‘spooky action at a distance,’ for us, which as a viewer you also might experience it.