Kamran behrouz

Project NO LOGO, clearly inspired by Alter-globalization movement and the book with the same title (no logo) written by Canadian author Naomi Klein (1999). The book focuses on branding and the fact that by purchasing brands’ products, we no longer just buy an object, rather “an ideology”. Throughout the four parts (“No Space”, “No Choice”, “No Jobs”, and “No Logo”), Klein writes about issues of fast fashion and sweatshops in the Americas and Asia, precarious working conditions, corporate censorship, and Reclaim the Streets.

In this work I’m searching for simple black caps and then hand stich the pink synthetic furs cut out in the shape of NO LOGO on them. Ironically no logo turned into a sort of Logo, which harks back at the nature of capitalism: whoever you are and whatever you do, it will be commodify within the capitalist market. An absurd situation, which hypothetically, seems like the perpetuation of colonialism.

*caps are all unisize and by buying them you’re literally supporting an independent artist*

Watch NO LOGO documentary here